The Man With The Extended Mind Part 1 Part 2
Clipboard in hand, Jes Benstock takes an experimental and animated tour of the world of heretical scientist Dr Rupert Sheldrake.
Sheldrake believes in everyday paranormal happenings - such as the sense of being stared at, pets who know their owners are coming home and the reality of phantom limbs.
What sets Sheldrake aside from most of New Age kookiness is his willingness to conduct scientific experiments.
But mainstream scientists balk at both Sheldrake’s methods and theories, calling it pseudo-science and rubbishing him publicly.
For the last 25 years he has worked on the fringes - but could this be about to change? Will the scientific community ever take Sheldrake seriously?
We take part in a series of Sheldrake’s experiments to see if anything really happens...
Can we tell if we’re being stared at from behind?
Do dogs know if their owners are coming home?
Can we detect a “phantom limb” poking through a closed door?
The Man With The Extended Mind is Jes Benstock’s first TV documentary commission.
The film was produced by DFG for ITV (Reel London) and first broadcast in November 2006.
If you’d like to see a preview of this half hour documentary, please drop a line to either DFG or Jes at Technobabble